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Winterthur Rundweg


The Winterthur Rundweg is a series of 10 hikes which take you all around the outskirts of Winterthur. The hikes are mostly under 10 km and with a hiking/walking time of approximately 2 hours.


 © Christina Gomez

The walks give you a good overview of the varying landscape around Winterthur and you realise how much beautiful countryside surrounds the city. It is nice to be able to choose a walk of varying difficulty and length, depending on how you feel that particular day.

Once you have completed the loop you can do it all again in the opposite direction to get a completely new perspective.

Important to know 

The start and finish of each hike is easily accessible by public transport.
A free map is available at the Winterthur Tourist Office.

Kid / Family Friendly?

Yes but depends on which of the walks you decide to do.

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