Rules & Regulations

The International Club Winterthur aims to connect and integrate private individuals with an international background, international connections or international interests in and around Winterthur, as well as to form international friendships and networks.

Members shall be:
- persons who identify with the objective and have an international background, international interest or international connections and
- persons who are resident in the Winterthur area or have some other sort of connection to Winterthur.

Members shall be obligated to pay the annual membership fee proposed by the Executive Committee determined by the General Meeting.

The Membership fee shall be:
Individual Membership CHF 50 p.a.
Family/Household Membership CHF 75 p.a.

Legal Entities shall only join as sponsors/benefactors, but not as Members of the association and shall not have any voting rights. The acceptance of individual Members shall occur through the Executive Members Committee. The Executive Committee is not obliged to justify the decision.

The Member is entitled to join the events offered by the Club, some of which however may require an additional fee. Individual events may be on a closed basis (i.e. for full Members only) and some events may be open to family and friends; again a fee may be charged for additional attendees at these events. These “open” events will be specified when advertised.

Attendance: An individual person is invited to attend an International Club Winterthur function twice only, before they will be expected to become a full Member and pay the full membership fee.

Termination: A written notice to the Executive Committee is required for the cessation of Membership. A period of notice of one month is required.

The person leaving the association shall be liable for the whole membership fee due in the year in which the person leaves the association.

In case of termination of membership, the affected Member shall lose all entitlements to the assets of the International Club Winterthur.

Furthermore, membership shall be terminated with immediate effect in case of death, bankruptcy or exclusion. Membership fees already paid shall not be refundable.

Membership renewal: Each Member will automatically receive a payment slip at the end of each year to pay the annual fee within 30 days.

Liability: Solely the association’s funds shall be liable for any liabilities of the International Club Winterthur. Members shall not be liable for any amount exceeding the individual membership fee. It is to be a non-profit organisation.

The International Club Winterthur online membership register is available for the personal, confidential use of the International Club Winterthur Members only. The International Club Winterthur does not assume any responsibility for errors or omissions. The Executive Committee only can approve requests by Members and non-Members for purchase of the mailing list. The International Club Winterthur does not sell or rent Member e-mail addresses and/or phone/fax numbers. Reproduction of, or use of this Directory for solicitations, commercial activities, fax or e-mail broadcasts, telemarketing, or direct mail purposes is strictly prohibited.

Code: Unacceptable behaviour by individual Members of the International Club Winterthur will not be tolerated.

The International Club provides a meeting point for people of different nationalities and for different reasons. Therefore for individual Members to feel secure, Members should only market themselves and their businesses in the Forum Section of the Web Page and not during actual activities and meetings.

Therefore it is requested that Members access the forum and specify their business links and speciality. Please note that actively marketing your business during the Club's events could lead to removal of your membership.

The International Club Winterthur is non-sexist, non-ageist and non-racist.
Members are responsible for their own belongings.

Members of the Board have the right to incorporate photographs taken at any event within the International Club webpage and Facebook.

If a Member wishes to become involved in the running of the Club, they should contact a Member of the Executive Committee.

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