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Art. 1 Name and Headquarters
Under the name International Club Winterthur, a non-profit association exists with headquarters in Winterthur, as set out in Art. 60 et seq. of the Swiss Civil Code.

Art. 2 Objective
The International Club Winterthur aims to connect and integrate private individuals with an international background, international connections or international interests in and around Winterthur as well as to form international friendships and networks.

Art. 3 Tasks
The International Club Winterthur will meet its objective by organising regular networking events and campaigns. Moreover, diverse activities will be offered for like-minded people (within the club) and exchange of information will be made possible.

Art. 4 Membership
Members of The International Club Winterthur shall be:
-all natural persons who identify with the objective and have an international background, international interest or international connections and
- are resident in the Winterthur area or have some other sort of connection to Winterthur

Legal Entities shall only join as sponsors/benefactors, but not as members of the association and shall not have any voting rights.

Art. 5 Affiliation of Members
The affiliation of members (Art. 4) shall occur through the Executive Committee based on the membership form, which shall be submitted to the said committee.
The Executive Committee shall have the final say on the acceptance of such members. The decision on the application must not be justified.
Members shall be obligated to pay the annual membership fee determined by the General Meeting.

Art. 6 Termination of Membership
Leaving The International Club Winterthur is possible with a notice to a member of the Executive Committee at any time. The membership fee paid for the calendar year shall not be refunded. For terminations before the due date of the membership fee for the calendar the payment of the membership fee  is not required.​ Furthermore, Membership shall be terminated with immediate effect in case of death, bankruptcy or exclusion. Membership fees already paid shall not be refundable.​ In case of termination of Membership, the affected Member shall lose all entitlements to the assets of the International Club Winterthur.​

Art. 7 Organs
The organs of the International Club Winterthur are:
- the General Meeting
- the Executive Committee
- the Audit Committee

Art. 8 General Meeting
The General Meeting shall be the supreme organ of the International Club Winterthur. The Members form the General Meeting. One Member may represent other members at the General Meeting with written authorisation.
The Ordinary General Meeting shall be held annually within the first six months of each year. Written invitations shall be sent out at least 20 days in advance through the Executive Committee. Motions by Members for the attention of the General Meeting shall be received by the Executive Committee 30 days before the General Meeting at the very latest.
An Extraordinary General Meeting may be convened by order of the Executive Committee, but must be called if 1/5 of all Members entitled to vote request one. The same stipulations apply to the invitation as to that for the Ordinary General Meeting.
The General Meeting shall be a quorum, irrespective of the number of members present who are entitled to vote.

Art. 9 Tasks of the General Meeting
The General Meeting shall carry out the authority vested in it according to the Law and the Statutes. In particular, it shall have the following authorities:
- to accept the minutes, the Annual Report and the Annual Accounts
- to discharge the Executive Committee
- to elect the Executive Committee and the Auditors
- to have the final decision on business deals proposed by the Executive Committee
- to consult and have the final decision on motions put forward by Members to the General Meeting
- to make changes to the Statutes
- to dissolve the International Club Winterthur

Art. 10 Decision Making
The General Meeting shall make its decisions and choices in accordance with the will of the majority of Members or their representatives present, determined by an open ballot; unless 1/5 of the Members or representatives present request a secret ballot.
In case of deadlock, the Chairperson shall have the casting vote, in that his/her vote is doubled.

Art. 11 Executive Committee
The Executive Committee shall consist of at least three Members and be elected by the General Meeting.
During the years 2006/2007/2008/2009 (for 4 years), a representative of Winterthur City Marketing shall be a member of the Executive Committee.
The Executive Committee shall constitute itself; it may form Committees. The Executive Committee shall meet regularly at the invitation of the Chairperson at Executive Committee meetings, provided that at least two Executive Committee Members do not request the conviening of an Executive Committee meeting to the Chairperson.
The President, the Treasurer and the Club Secretary shall have joint signing authority with any member of the Executive Committee.

Art. 12 Term of Office
The Members of the Executive Committee are elected for two years, re-election is permitted. If an Executive Committee member leaves office before the expiration of his/her term, the Executive Committee member replacing him/her shall be elected by the other Executive Committee Members and put in charge until the next Annual General Meeting.

Art. 13 Tasks
The Executive Committee:
- shall represent the International Club Winterthur to the outside world
- shall monitor and manage the ongoing business activities
- shall decide on the acceptance of Members and at the same time come to an agreement on Membership fee
- shall present an Annual Report to the General Meeting
Moreover, the Executive Committee shall have all authorities, which are not expressly part of other organs’ authorities.

Art. 14 Audit Committee
The General Meeting shall elect the Audit Committee for a term of one year. Re-election is permitted.
The Audit Committee shall audit the accounts and the annual results. The said committee shall write an audit report.

Art. 15 Financial Year
The financial year shall be the calendar year.

Art. 16 Finances / Annual Membership Fee
The income of the International Club Winterthur shall in particular consist of:
- Membership fees
- voluntary grants, donations and sponsors’ contributions
- any earnings from the business activities of the International Club Winterthur
The amount of the annual Membership fee shall be determined by the General Meeting at the proposal of the Executive Committee.
The membership fee for 2006 shall be:

- for individuals CHF 50.00

- for families CHF 75.00

Art. 17 Liability
Solely the association’s funds shall be liable for any liabilities of The International Club Winterthur. Members shall not be liable for any amount exceeding the individual Membership fees.

Art. 18 Changes to the Statutes
Changes to the Statutes shall require the approval of 2/3 of the Members present at the General Meeting.

Art. 19 Dissolution
The General Meeting may, at any time, decide to dissolve the International Club Winterthur at the end of the relevant financial year with the approval of 2/3 of Members present at the annual General Meeting.
Liquidation shall occur through the Executive Committee, provided that the General Meeting does not decide to use liquidators with the approval of 2/3 of Members present at the General Meeting.
The General Meeting, which decides on liquidation, shall also determine the use of the association’s funds.

Art. 20 Final Provisions
The Statutes presented herewith were accepted by the foundation meeting of 16 January 2006 and shall be in force from this date.

*Adapted with the Statutory Changes of 4 April 2014

*Adapted with the Statutory Changes of 13 March 2008

*Resolution of the Foundation Meeting of 16 January 2006

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