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The Wine Festival in Twann

The 'Truelete' or wine festival in Twann is usually held at the end of October. During the weekend you have the opportunity to sample wine from the region and a local speciality called the 'Treberwurst' which is a smoked pork sausage.

It is often served grilled and

flambeed with the spirit, Marc.

Yellow Flowers

Christina  Gomez


Member since 2019





I love this small wine-tasting festival because it is rather intimate, although, I must admit, it has grown in popularity over the years. It is still smaller than the fete des vendanges held in September in Neuchâtel. You get to hang-out with the locals and the wine-growers are happy to share information about the wines they are selling. Most of the wine in that region is white. You pay for the wine you taste but it is a minimal charge.



Important to know 

It would be advisable to stay overnight. Book a hotel room a few months before as there are very few hotels there and they fill up quickly. You also have the option of staying in Biel where there are more hotels.
Trains from Twann to Biel run regularly.

Kid / Family Friendly?

Not really for kids although they now have a funfair during that weekend to cater for families. However, children may get bored when you go wine tasting from cellar to cellar.

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