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Snowshoe Hiking in Wildhaus

Michèle Ott

USA & France

Member since 2006


February 2015

I love the view of the rigged peaks of the Toggenburg mountains. They look like the back of a sleeping dragon. I highly recommend this snowshoe hike, because you see this amazing scenery repeatedly when snowshoe hiking from Oberdorf mountain station to Gamperfin, a rustic restaurant.

Start in Wildhaus (Toggenburg) at the Oberdorf cable car Bergstation and walk or snowshoe to the Gamperfin rustic restaurant. Then walk back to Oberdorf.

© Michèle Ott

© Michèle Ott

© Michèle Ott

© Michèle Ott


Like most hikes, it is difficult to find the beginning of the trail, which starts a few hundred meters up, on the left side of the ski slope. Look for signs to Ölberg and Gamperfin. The snowshoeing is easy if you stay on the trail, but more fun if you go off the path. The path is 8-shaped. There is a rustic restaurant in Gamperfin, a perfect place to rest and warm up. It is the halfway mark, because you go back the way you came.

Important to know 

The restaurant has a small menu with soup and hot dogs and is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Kid / Family Friendly?

Yes, ideal for families with 10+ year old children who can walk 1.5 hours one way.

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