Gruyères: Region La Gruyère - Canton Fribourg

Located in the heart of Switzerland, the region of 'La Gruyère' offers a wide range of attractions.

Set in a beautiful rural landscape,

you will find the charming

medieval village of Gruyères



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Everytime I visit Gruyères I am amazed by the hospitality of their inhabitants who are bilingual. They speak both French and Swiss German. A meal in one of numerous restaurants, followed by a visit to the medieval castle on the hill with its fantastic views of the Alpes Fribourgeois, rounds up a happy day for me.


 © Ana Seiler


 © Ana Seiler


 © Ana Seiler

Kid / Family Friendly?

Yes - Children of all ages

It is suitable for family holidays, fantastic for hiking/biking and winter sports in the surrounding mountains.

Easy to get there by train or car all year round.

 © Ana Seiler