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Hollie Martin


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Where to begin?
Switzerland has some of the most amazing landscapes, from lakes and mountains to sunny skies and snowy slopes. This summer we ventured to Lugano in the Italian part of Switzerland. It was like another world. That is the beauty of Switzerland, each region is so special, so different from the other.



 © Hollie Martin

After travelling from the German part which for me is a very business oriented place, the Italian side felt like a real holiday! The moment you pass through the Gotthard tunnel you see blue skies, palm trees and a glistening lake surrounded by mountains. It is truly breathtaking.

A few highlights from this trip: The first has to be the funicular up to the top of Monte San Salvatore, with 360 degree views of the lake and mountains (above photo). We walked to the highest view points to snap some pictures and enjoy the view before ending with a cocktail in the Restaurant Vetta.

 © aysun

 © Hollie Martin

 © Hollie Martin

 © Hollie Martin

 © Hollie Martin

The second highlight was the boat trip to Gandria. Luckily, we have the GA Swiss Pass which is a travel card for all of Switzerland valid on trains, buses and boats. We boarded the boat which cruises around the lake stopping at various destinations. We were right next to the Italian border! Gandria is a beautiful, colourful and picturesque lakeside village. Stop off there for a drink and to relax for a while.

Important to know 

If travelling by public transport, please note that  the railway station is on a hillside, overlooking the city centre and lake. You can either take the funicular or walk down.

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