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October 2020

One of the most romantic towns in Switzerland


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Piazza Giuseppe Motta in Ascona - 08.2015

Ascona is located in Ticino, in the south -Switzerland's sunniest region. Situated directly on the Lago Maggiore, it is just beautiful to stroll around the town and enjoy the Mediterranean vibe that it exudes. The lakeside promenade is a great place to enjoy a drink at a café.

Not only is Ascona itself very beautiful, but its surroundings also offer many hiking opportunities and a diverse range of free time activities. In summer, there is the option of staying overnight at the Ascona campsite, which is right by the lake.

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It is perfect for a long weekend!

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 © Manuel

Maggia Delta between Ascona and Locarno and the Magadino Valley - 10.2020

Me at the Maggia Delta - Like a beach, wonderfully fine sand - 05.2019

In direction to 'Corona dei Pinci' and the Magadiono valley in the background - 10.2020

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Important to know 

If you want to travel to Ascona during the summer months, you always have to reserve a hotel room very early.

Kid / Family Friendly?


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