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Claudia Pröger


Member since 2006

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During spring, farmers transfer their many cows and goats to mountain pastures to feed on alpine grass and to enjoy the summer. That usually happens without a celebration. However, when the animals are led down at the beginning of autumn, there is usually some kind of parade.

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I like this tradition because it brings you back in time when men and animals formed a unity. The animals are elaborately decorated for the parade. However, they are only decorated if none of the herd is lost or dies up on the mountain pastures. It is always accompanied by a small festival in the village where you can enjoy traditional food and music.

Important to know 

The Alpabzug happens from mid August until mid/end of September, so you need to check on the internet to find out exactly when and where this will happen.

Kid / Family Friendly?

Yes - Children 3 plus

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