Our Fav Places in Switzerland


August 2020

Pizol 5 Lakes Walk

Gorgeous hike on Pizol mountain that takes you around 5 mountain lakes.

Sandra Handley

from New Zealand

December 2020

The Seerenbach Falls

Seerenbach Falls is an amazing place to hike with family. The walk is along Walensee with tunnels leading to the beautiful falls.

Aashini Rambosson

from India

January 2021

Hotel Belvédère on the Furkapass

This is an historical building which you cannot enter but can read about its sad story, enjoy its façade that looks like a scene from a Wes Anderson movie and discover its beautiful surroundings on foot.


from Turkey

December 2020

Wine festival in Twann

The Truelete or wine festival in Twann is usually held at the end of October. During the weekend you have the opportunity to sample wine from the region and a local speciality called the Treberwurst which is a smoked pork sausage. It is often served grilled and flambeed with the spirit, Marc.

Christina Gomez

from Malaysia

January 2021

Riviera Walensee Weesen - Quinten

An awesome walk in autumn, ideally after some heavy rain (for the waterfall), but on a sunny and dry day.


from Switzerland

December 2020

Gruyères: Region La Gruyère

Located in the heart of Switzerland, the region of La Gruyère offers a wide range of attractions. Set in a beautiful rural landscape, you will find the charming medieval village of Gruyères (Greyerz).


from Switzerland

January 2021

Hiking from Brülisau to the Alp Rheintaler Sämtis

This is really a little paradise where the world is still a wonderful place.

Annelies Kinget

from Belgium


September 2020

Ballenberg Museum

This awesome open air museum displays over 100 traditional Swiss buildings, gardens and architecture plus has traditional artisan demonstrations, runs farmyard animals and you can buy the resultant products as well.

Sandra Handley

from New Zealand

January 2021


One of the most romantic towns in Switzerland.


from XXX


December 2020

Diavolezza Mountain Hike

A hike from the Bernina Diavolezza station up to the Diavolezza peak. There is no better panoramic mountain view of the Swiss Alps than from there.

Patrick Zochert

from Switzerland

January 2021


This stunning lake is set in the Bernese Oberland. It boasts many hiking trails, picnic areas, a playground as well as a café and two restaurants one which is located in the hotel.

Sharron Martin

from Ireland

January 2021

Swiss National Day

I love the Swiss National Day because it is a total Swiss cultural experience - from the aesthetics, to the entertainment, the food, and the friendliness of the community. When the 1st of August comes around, Swiss flags of all sizes decorate the streets, windows of houses, and flower boxes.

Karl Basil Dicen

from XX

January 2021


During spring, farmers transfer their many cows and goats to mountain pastures to feed on alpine grass and to enjoy the summer. That usually happens without a celebration. However, when the animals are led down at the beginning of autumn, there is usually some kind of parade.

Claudia Pröger

from XXX

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