Executive Committee: Secretary Roles and Responsibilities

The role of the International Club Winterthur’s Executive Committee is to work together to provide leadership and direction,
and promote and represent the Club

as well as assist with project and event organisation.

The Secretary is a member of the Executive Committee. The Secretary’s role is to undertake the Club’s secretariat functions.

Secretary’s Responsibilities

  • Act as secretariat for the Executive Committee
    - Organise Executive Committee meetings- Write and distribute Executive Committee meeting minutes

  • Develop and distribute the Club’s monthly newsletter
    - Obtain relevant information and compile the newsletter- Email the monthly newsletter to Club Members

  • Manage the Club’s records
    - Ensure all documents relevant to the Secretary’s function are stored on the Cloud
    - Ensure the Club’s records are maintained in an orderly way on the Cloud
    - Compile an annual list of attendance numbers and costs for each Club activity
    - Manage the membership application and cancellation process and maintain the Members Binder

- Maintain the email distribution list

  • Regularly check and deal with the Club’s emails and other correspondence


Executive Committee Member Responsibilities

  • Support and help organise projects and special events

  • Prepare for, attend and actively participate in Club Executive Committee meetings

  • Recruit and motivate Members

  • Attend Club activities whenever possible and represent the Executive Committee during these activities

  • Externally represent the Club


Member Profile
Executive Committee members will identify themselves with the Club’s objectives, have a vision for the Club and be reliable, responsible and responsive. The Club’s dynamic and multicultural nature requires Executive Committee members to have an open personality, strong organisational skills, an ability to communicate in spoken English and a talent for communication, especially in front of a large group of people. Executive Committee members are required to be technologically sound with a knowledge of MS Office, and also need to be available to work on Club tasks throughout the year.

The Secretary will be proficient in written and spoken English.

September 2019